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#Love this picture #artclassof2015
©Joe Caslin

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❤ (at Bridge House Hotel, Tullamore.)

Happy 18th birthday to the fabulous @divinement_chic 🎂🎁🎈

School is going to be so hard without you, but I know you’ll have an amazing time in college (without me 😢).

You’re an inspiration to me, never forget your blessings and talents. (at Bridge House Hotel, Tullamore.)

I’m actually kind of sad that I’m preparing for my last first day of school

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#NABLE (à Terminal 2 - Dublin Airport)

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The end of an era ⌛

Eileen, 16, Slytherin
You can call me: Stormaggedon Dark Lord of All, Father of the Bottomless Pit., Master Eileen, Supreme Leader, Queen of Sass and Snide,The Unyielding. Mother of Dragons.